City Living

What's the point of Breakfast?
When you spend your life at a desk?
Why do I rely on Coffee?
Do I really need to be awake?

This is the problem of employers,
They don't seem to work
With baselines so low
Why do I even go to work?

Get up, go, get a coffee 
Start the day
Waste my time
Go to a bar, drink untill the dulness dies.

Resurrection as a headache
The dulness is reborn
As I awake to another day
In the life of the grind.

Where is the land I was raised on?
What is my purpose here?
I need to get back in touch,
With the land that grew my beer.

Empty F*ck

Waking up with Headaches, heartbreak, hangovers.
Why do we always seem to do this over & over?
What is the point of filling this emptiness?
Where can we run & find pure bliss?

Hangover leads to a sleepover
My mom is pissed.
She can't believe,
I'm your b!tch.

But b!tch I'll be
till she can see
That she raised me.

F*ck you, F*ck this
Will my pussy ever be a fix?
Ill flaunt it around
& give any guy I've ground
A chance to throw me around
As long as he doesn't throw me down. 

Drugs? Now thanks; I'm not a hooker
That'll get stoned, & be a cook here
I'm respectable trust me,
I just can't feel love, & that's me. 

*Written by a friend


Oh precious daughter of the King,
Of you men, gaze, talk, and sing
Mirabelle, words can’t tell
The story of your beauty well

I am left to hope, and say,
You have a piece of my heart
You forever have a spot in my mind,
And my memory will forever hold you close.

You who are the most gorgeous,
Breath taking woman I have ever met,
It was love at first site and
I’ll never forget you, oh Mirabelle.

For those moments we had,
We were so far beyond a mere fad,
My heart was pounding and glad,
As Love you and I add

The heart thunders
As space can not contain
My love for you
Oh fairest of them all.

You’re the greatest of all the women
Most abundant your beauty
Totally given is your love
Through your entire body

As you lead me to your sanctuary
You draw me to your bridal chamber
As we are to be wed, I say
“With you steadfast I’ll be,
All are not, compared to you my love
Let me live in your love,
Will my spouse you be?”

You simply say, “Thank you my love,
But ephemeral, I am, and will always be,
For I am aimed eternal, and my existence
Is not of this world. Cling to what is above”


Fire, dire, higher
Yearning, burning, turning,
Lynette, you ignite my mind,
While you and I are intertwined

You who are little,
And beautiful,
Who hide,
Without pride

Chimes ring,
Bees still sting,
As life holds
The future unfolds

You and I Lynette are meant
For more than cement
Stuck to you, and holding to me
We will be, making love ever anew.

For our personalities mix
And something like this won’t need a fix
As we love, we sing
And bells perpetually ring

For we are meant for more
This is what future has in store
Eternity of bliss
In a perpetual kiss

The lovers embrace!
Why run a race?
For it would lead me to you,
And with you I will stay.

But you run, and say,
“My lover my dear,
We can’t remain here,
For eternity calls
And this is not a permanent home
So I have to go”
And winter snows.


Lill my heart goes out to you
As I get a cold chill
What a thrill
To be in your pew

Your back still turned, you beckon me,

“Come higher, go wider,
Up farther, beyond all
Till you see beauty intersect history
Then you will find me
Lost in Latin
You’ll come in
And at home you’ll be.
For I am a reminder
Of what was and is
That which is seen and heard
Of time space and eternity
My beauty calls to your wombs memory
As my angelic voice rings out your name.”

Making all time pass away
And my heart burns within

As the encounter with my love
Stirs deep inside
And I decide
I can’t hide and I cry,

“Where are you Lill my love,
I want to marry you,
I want to love you,
I want only you.”

But over the vastness of history you call to me,
“I don’t know my love, you have to go my love,
As I am gone, to ages past, very long gone
Remember me, and in eternity we may meet
But I am a mere mortal so don’t worship me,
But your welcome to forever love me.”


Annabelle, you once held my heart
Before I had to depart
I was left in a storm of confusion
Through the chaos, and commotion

I saw you sitting alone,
Under the trees that were over grown
Calling out to you, I said,
“Beauty untold, why do you sit solo?”

Sooner than one could remember
We were lost in conversation,
Our bond so deep lost was all duration
It seemed I was in adoration.

Inviting me into the garden like a child
I walk grasping for your hand
My heart goes wild
As your fingers touch mine, I can barely stand.

For now I know the intimacy of every woman
With the simple embrace of your hand
As I embrace to give you a great big kiss
You stop me and say, "just don’t miss."

Allowing the moment to sink in
The night near within
I want to drink deeply of these last moments
Holding you I say, “you know it will never be the same."

You say, “I am prepared for it to be that way”
I dip you deeply as I lean in,
Smash, Crash, bash, sounds like fireworks exploding
We stop, and stand still holding hands,
“What was it that just happened?” I ask,
While my life is flashing by so fast,
As I turn to see you’ve been shot!

Annabelle, I tried to save you,
But the bleeding was too intense for me to stop
My heart seemed to drop,
As I never seemed to know you
My kiss for you I will save,
As my life will never be the same, Oh Annabelle my love!


Charisse, what bliss,
You make me want to kiss
Your sweet lips
As my mind slips

Off to an infinite reality
Of thinking about you and me
How sweet you are my dear
Your heart is so near

Your beauty is home
Your grace like a thousand sunsets
Your kindness falls like Niagara.
Your name is angelic.

How come I had to leave?
Why didn’t you hold my sleeve?
What could have made me stay?
I don’t want it this way.

Charisse, you’ve been walked into
A time or two to many
Men have grown uninterested
In your abundant beauty

In this world filled with porn
Your beauty goes unknown
For your abundant breasts
Are all eyes see.

Are needs not beyond the eye?
Don’t you see that Charisse
Is of a heavenly birth!
That her life was breathed,
By the breath of lovers not users!
Would you lust after your own mother?

The hunger burns deeply
But come to your mother ye who yearn
For she is the one who knows you’re deepest need.
Charisse is the daughter of the king
To have her it will cost more than a ring.


Renea, your beauty is so great
borders can’t contain you
Everywhere you are seen as the one, 
men return too.

You tell me the story of history and heritage
As you surpass the generations, age after age.

Inviting me to come closer, 
I fold my intellect wings to follow
As you open to me
the secrets of your beating heart
The mystery wrapped in golden leafs
of a historic fall
Richness consumed
and renewed in the memorable art.

Did God make you, oh Goddess indescribable?
Pure unstinting splendour you radiate heavenliness
Wrapped in the protection of the Guardians of old
How can men reach you? For your untouchable!

Of you songs are song, for you battle done
Men who give you their allegiance and loyalty
Wish to live in your embrace, 
which you give to none
How does one get to you, oh Renea?

Your bosom expands to perfection
As your skin is of such rich complexion
You’re truly the lovely one, as I stare at your lips
Lost in a daze of amazement, I seem to slip

Into your arms, though oh beautiful Renea
Held tight I wouldn’t ever want to leave your sight
Hold me close hold me, dear,
for with you I do not fear
You can have my heart, 
even if you fill it with darts

I want you, I will come for you,
I have to go, for my life is slipping into a thread
I must have really bunked my head
For I don’t know why my life seems blue

Longing and waiting, 
I hope to gaze into your eyes again
For your eyes tell the story of thousands of men,
Who have searched and found, 
what does not go down.

Lead me home Renea,
for I am lost without you.


Linette, youthful and joyful
You call my name
Forgetting that someday it will rain
And the pain of loving will remain
and remind
All the elderly of the dry times

When love walked away
When love looked for a door
To journey far and there to stay
And forever to be no more

Linette, you don’t know what pain is,
You’re pretty, maybe even smart
But really you need to experience your first kiss
For when you do this will open your heart.

For womb and heart are meant to conceive
The beauty men share with you, in providence
You’ll fall into the arms of your lover you will see
Don’t settle for any man, but wait for the right one to take a knee

When the time is right float away
To a paradise where you hope to remain
Know that there is a plan if you follow through
Life will be worth it and you’ll live anew.


Bell, obviously I need not worry
Of the days to come or as ages hurry
For of beauty, you were made
And of you no man was ever afraid

Peacefully and gently you hold my hand
My heart pounding so much I can barely stand
In love with you, I am
With you I want to build a dam

Locked up and held tight
With you I want to spend the rest of my nights
Bell, your magnitude is so great
You knock down all my gates

Which stood to protect the sand box of my heart,
I am left in a place of mourning as I no longer fart
Out of love and respect for you I’ve changed my ways
In absolute desperation I don’t think we should delay

A wedding was imminent, as days went by
And our love grew to such heights, as the sky
I asked for her hand, her dad asked why
I stood to defend, but I came out dry!

He told me, I was nice, but if I wanted Bell
I would first have to live in Hell.
For his daughter he loved and would not let go,
I tried to change his mind with my ability to show

Left numb, heart wrenched and crushed in the cold
I walked away in mindset that I had to fold.
Told to go and return not to my only love,
Whom I want so desperately, to have and to hold

Bell my love; I just have to say,
“The Castle on the hill, your Dad built
Will keep every man away
But know, my love, I wait for the day
That I can come and stay
For I know that this time isn’t very far away.”

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