Infinitely Beautiful; Why me?

When you are here while I’ve been gone;
I come home to find something wrong.
Your faithfulness is unmet;
My heart is hard, and I’m in debt.

Now I’m guilty,
Now I’m wrong,
But these things leave me filthily,
Unencumbered you come to me, because your love is so strong.

I can’t stand in your presence,
I can’t take this anymore.
Your love is too great.
It makes my heart break!

You strip me to the bone.
Exposing my heart of stone.
You see my emptiness.
Yet you fill me with pure bliss.

You are patient beyond measure.
You’ll wait forever.
You desire me with a longing of infinity,
But I’m just a regular bum; why me?

Battle Ground

Sometimes you’ve got to stand your ground;

Not forgetting everything that is profound.

Pain will come and go,

But in the midst of it all what do you have to show?

As a man I am called to protect.

As a brother I may I not forget.

As a lover let me remember

That this is November.

And someone died for me

So that I may be free.

Battles won and lost,

But lest we forget that death comes with the frost.

So stand your ground my granddaddy’s daddy said,

as he fought for freedom, so I wouldn’t be dead.

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