Life Struggles

Selecting the unfit
Leaves my heart in a rift.
How could they be chosen?
My judgements leave me frozen.

Why was I picked?
What causes me to be ticked?
Why can’t I focus on my side of the fence
The grass is always greener, looking whence.

Staying sucks
Dying kills me
Pain is consuming me
O sweet agony…


Why do I persist?
Why do I resist?
“Change me damn it!”

Another day ends…

Robbed Emotion

Pain mixed with a desire for gain.
What's with man's search for fame?
Money, sex, power?
What motivates this hour?

The reality that motivation has completely stopped,
that Life caught up with commotion.
No hope for emotion
It has run the race and come out last and been robbed. 

What is my inner drive?

Zeal makes me feel
Heart ache comes in heels,
The hangover is at the bottom of the bottle,
And I seek to not be able to pull back this throtel

Nothing satisfies,
Nothing burns inside.
Yet I'm burnt up,
With longing deep and wide. 

Nakedness is my solution
But nakedness is just hear polution.


Sometimes pain is better than stillness.

Or I’d take loneliness vs. a kiss,

Because in the darkness and night,

At least the coldness is a guide.

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