Broken Lame Pain

There is a truth that comes
It is that love runs
It never stays the same
Has she forgotten my name?

My brokenness has left me lame
Forgotten with no fame
I can’t stand in my shame
For me, this isn’t a game

Left alone, isolation, and pain
Your heart watered mine like rain
Now my actions leave me insane
For I seek you, and you’re my bane

Left broken and filled with remorse
There is a need to divorce
My lips won’t move, they are lame,
And my heart is broke as she calls my name.

Infinitely Beautiful; Why me?

When you are here while I’ve been gone;
I come home to find something wrong.
Your faithfulness is unmet;
My heart is hard, and I’m in debt.

Now I’m guilty,
Now I’m wrong,
But these things leave me filthily,
Unencumbered you come to me, because your love is so strong.

I can’t stand in your presence,
I can’t take this anymore.
Your love is too great.
It makes my heart break!

You strip me to the bone.
Exposing my heart of stone.
You see my emptiness.
Yet you fill me with pure bliss.

You are patient beyond measure.
You’ll wait forever.
You desire me with a longing of infinity,
But I’m just a regular bum; why me?

Trying to Forget Her

Knowing that you love her,
Tell yourself, “No sir!” 
Trying to forget her.
Regretting you loved her, Grrr…

Anger and Emotion
Leaves my heart filled with a potion
Majic has already happened
Now death and life seem flattened.

Everything and nothing make my heart beat.
I seem to be in a bliss and hell repeat.
A combination I don’t recommend.
When you try and make lust extend.

No joy, only pain; look there’s rain!
As the earth burns up as it falls 
When your heart melts in its own Hiroshima,
How do you rebuild the Chernobyl or your life? 

When you’re left with dice, a bottle,
and the ability to only drive full throttle?
Addiction, depression, rejection,
will there ever be resurrection? 

Robbed Emotion

Pain mixed with a desire for gain.
What's with man's search for fame?
Money, sex, power?
What motivates this hour?

The reality that motivation has completely stopped,
that Life caught up with commotion.
No hope for emotion
It has run the race and come out last and been robbed. 

What is my inner drive?

Zeal makes me feel
Heart ache comes in heels,
The hangover is at the bottom of the bottle,
And I seek to not be able to pull back this throtel

Nothing satisfies,
Nothing burns inside.
Yet I'm burnt up,
With longing deep and wide. 

Nakedness is my solution
But nakedness is just hear polution.


Sometimes pain is better than stillness.

Or I’d take loneliness vs. a kiss,

Because in the darkness and night,

At least the coldness is a guide.


Beep, beep, beep,

The monitor squaks,

Click clock, Click clock, Click clock,

The clock doesn’t stop.

Will this go on forever?

Or will I reach a destination,

That isn’t just dry desolation?

Someone please tell me what I mean!

Put I’m all alone in this reality.

I have no identity.

Tell me who I am I scream!

But the nigh doesn’t answer.

Summer’s Gone

Fading leaves,
leaving means,
Christmas pain
and pain stains.

Depressed mess
Hurting hopelessness.
Why did I leave?!
Why am I here?

How could I, 
How should I,
What would I,
Be but this?

A faker
with the "fake
it till you
make it" line.

But everyone knows,
Everyone sees, 
That I'm a mess
And that's just me.


City Living

What's the point of Breakfast?
When you spend your life at a desk?
Why do I rely on Coffee?
Do I really need to be awake?

This is the problem of employers,
They don't seem to work
With baselines so low
Why do I even go to work?

Get up, go, get a coffee 
Start the day
Waste my time
Go to a bar, drink untill the dulness dies.

Resurrection as a headache
The dulness is reborn
As I awake to another day
In the life of the grind.

Where is the land I was raised on?
What is my purpose here?
I need to get back in touch,
With the land that grew my beer.

Empty F*ck

Waking up with Headaches, heartbreak, hangovers.
Why do we always seem to do this over & over?
What is the point of filling this emptiness?
Where can we run & find pure bliss?

Hangover leads to a sleepover
My mom is pissed.
She can't believe,
I'm your b!tch.

But b!tch I'll be
till she can see
That she raised me.

F*ck you, F*ck this
Will my pussy ever be a fix?
Ill flaunt it around
& give any guy I've ground
A chance to throw me around
As long as he doesn't throw me down. 

Drugs? Now thanks; I'm not a hooker
That'll get stoned, & be a cook here
I'm respectable trust me,
I just can't feel love, & that's me. 

*Written by a friend

Torn Heart

A thousand miles
10 thousand islands
100 different directions
I'm lost in confliction

While the wind rages
Tornados of sage
Life hits me with age
I'm trapped in a cage

Barely breathing
Pulse slowing
Death nearing...

Stillness comes
Singing her dirge
For death has come
While life has just begun

Flowers in the mourning
Pain in the growing
Yet, this is not the end

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