Your Name

I know your shy
But that won’t fly

I see you looking
What are you cooking?

If you feel what I feel
Kick off your heels

Should we run
That’d be fun

Green flowers
Love’s power

The night comes
now two is one

I know you din’t know my name
but you wanted to play the game

You’ll probably want to run
But you have seen my guns

Now you’re hooked
As love is cooked

And I know your name
and shortly after the third came.

Infinitely Beautiful; Why me?

When you are here while I’ve been gone;
I come home to find something wrong.
Your faithfulness is unmet;
My heart is hard, and I’m in debt.

Now I’m guilty,
Now I’m wrong,
But these things leave me filthily,
Unencumbered you come to me, because your love is so strong.

I can’t stand in your presence,
I can’t take this anymore.
Your love is too great.
It makes my heart break!

You strip me to the bone.
Exposing my heart of stone.
You see my emptiness.
Yet you fill me with pure bliss.

You are patient beyond measure.
You’ll wait forever.
You desire me with a longing of infinity,
But I’m just a regular bum; why me?

Trying to Forget Her

Knowing that you love her,
Tell yourself, “No sir!” 
Trying to forget her.
Regretting you loved her, Grrr…

Anger and Emotion
Leaves my heart filled with a potion
Majic has already happened
Now death and life seem flattened.

Everything and nothing make my heart beat.
I seem to be in a bliss and hell repeat.
A combination I don’t recommend.
When you try and make lust extend.

No joy, only pain; look there’s rain!
As the earth burns up as it falls 
When your heart melts in its own Hiroshima,
How do you rebuild the Chernobyl or your life? 

When you’re left with dice, a bottle,
and the ability to only drive full throttle?
Addiction, depression, rejection,
will there ever be resurrection? 

Robbed Emotion

Pain mixed with a desire for gain.
What's with man's search for fame?
Money, sex, power?
What motivates this hour?

The reality that motivation has completely stopped,
that Life caught up with commotion.
No hope for emotion
It has run the race and come out last and been robbed. 

What is my inner drive?

Zeal makes me feel
Heart ache comes in heels,
The hangover is at the bottom of the bottle,
And I seek to not be able to pull back this throtel

Nothing satisfies,
Nothing burns inside.
Yet I'm burnt up,
With longing deep and wide. 

Nakedness is my solution
But nakedness is just hear polution.

Power of Beauty

What is it that makes a heart beat?
I've lived my life with these feet.
Never stable never still
Life doesn't give me much thrill.

Yet, here I am here I'll stay
Because beauty has captured me in every way
Home, love, nature, nurture,
What will hold me here with her?

I was meant to wander, 
and wander I will.
Till the power of beauty
cuts through obsessive duty.

Time’s Killer Nature


Makes me scratch my mind

Wondering when is mine

Or what I’ll find.

Passing through now the fades of day

Life will be there soon

Breath life death.

Time kills, time lives

Time is all there is?

But is love timeless

Because love makes time stop

And time doesn’t matter for one in love

For in love does time even exist?

Let us then transcend the killer nature of time and become eternally lost in timeless bliss.

Summer’s Gone

Fading leaves,
leaving means,
Christmas pain
and pain stains.

Depressed mess
Hurting hopelessness.
Why did I leave?!
Why am I here?

How could I, 
How should I,
What would I,
Be but this?

A faker
with the "fake
it till you
make it" line.

But everyone knows,
Everyone sees, 
That I'm a mess
And that's just me.


City Living

What's the point of Breakfast?
When you spend your life at a desk?
Why do I rely on Coffee?
Do I really need to be awake?

This is the problem of employers,
They don't seem to work
With baselines so low
Why do I even go to work?

Get up, go, get a coffee 
Start the day
Waste my time
Go to a bar, drink untill the dulness dies.

Resurrection as a headache
The dulness is reborn
As I awake to another day
In the life of the grind.

Where is the land I was raised on?
What is my purpose here?
I need to get back in touch,
With the land that grew my beer.


Charisse, what bliss,
You make me want to kiss
Your sweet lips
As my mind slips

Off to an infinite reality
Of thinking about you and me
How sweet you are my dear
Your heart is so near

Your beauty is home
Your grace like a thousand sunsets
Your kindness falls like Niagara.
Your name is angelic.

How come I had to leave?
Why didn’t you hold my sleeve?
What could have made me stay?
I don’t want it this way.

Charisse, you’ve been walked into
A time or two to many
Men have grown uninterested
In your abundant beauty

In this world filled with porn
Your beauty goes unknown
For your abundant breasts
Are all eyes see.

Are needs not beyond the eye?
Don’t you see that Charisse
Is of a heavenly birth!
That her life was breathed,
By the breath of lovers not users!
Would you lust after your own mother?

The hunger burns deeply
But come to your mother ye who yearn
For she is the one who knows you’re deepest need.
Charisse is the daughter of the king
To have her it will cost more than a ring.


Renea, your beauty is so great
borders can’t contain you
Everywhere you are seen as the one, 
men return too.

You tell me the story of history and heritage
As you surpass the generations, age after age.

Inviting me to come closer, 
I fold my intellect wings to follow
As you open to me
the secrets of your beating heart
The mystery wrapped in golden leafs
of a historic fall
Richness consumed
and renewed in the memorable art.

Did God make you, oh Goddess indescribable?
Pure unstinting splendour you radiate heavenliness
Wrapped in the protection of the Guardians of old
How can men reach you? For your untouchable!

Of you songs are song, for you battle done
Men who give you their allegiance and loyalty
Wish to live in your embrace, 
which you give to none
How does one get to you, oh Renea?

Your bosom expands to perfection
As your skin is of such rich complexion
You’re truly the lovely one, as I stare at your lips
Lost in a daze of amazement, I seem to slip

Into your arms, though oh beautiful Renea
Held tight I wouldn’t ever want to leave your sight
Hold me close hold me, dear,
for with you I do not fear
You can have my heart, 
even if you fill it with darts

I want you, I will come for you,
I have to go, for my life is slipping into a thread
I must have really bunked my head
For I don’t know why my life seems blue

Longing and waiting, 
I hope to gaze into your eyes again
For your eyes tell the story of thousands of men,
Who have searched and found, 
what does not go down.

Lead me home Renea,
for I am lost without you.

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