Beep, beep, beep,

The monitor squaks,

Click clock, Click clock, Click clock,

The clock doesn’t stop.

Will this go on forever?

Or will I reach a destination,

That isn’t just dry desolation?

Someone please tell me what I mean!

Put I’m all alone in this reality.

I have no identity.

Tell me who I am I scream!

But the nigh doesn’t answer.


I can’t feel anything

Emptiness met with nothingness

What is next?

What is this hell?

Who let it in?

Time’s Killer Nature


Makes me scratch my mind

Wondering when is mine

Or what I’ll find.

Passing through now the fades of day

Life will be there soon

Breath life death.

Time kills, time lives

Time is all there is?

But is love timeless

Because love makes time stop

And time doesn’t matter for one in love

For in love does time even exist?

Let us then transcend the killer nature of time and become eternally lost in timeless bliss.

Summer’s Gone

Fading leaves,
leaving means,
Christmas pain
and pain stains.

Depressed mess
Hurting hopelessness.
Why did I leave?!
Why am I here?

How could I, 
How should I,
What would I,
Be but this?

A faker
with the "fake
it till you
make it" line.

But everyone knows,
Everyone sees, 
That I'm a mess
And that's just me.



Your face



My day is brightened

My heart is beating

Seeing your smile

Makes me come undone.

Where does this sunshine lead?

How can I get there?

Your heart is like mine

And I’m lost for words

Because you make my heart beat

And your shine stains my mind.

Love & I don’t Mix…

Repentance mixed with
"This is how it is!"
My heart meet yours,
and we're back to where we were.

You can't stay still in this.
Your heart runs while mine grows.
A deer and a stone.
That's the difference.

We were perfect for eachother.
When you layed with me,
But to be near me,
causes you to not be free.

Allow me to say it is over,
Because this sky is fading,
And my life will last forever.
But when fall comes, there's a price on your head. 

Love is lost.
Love was never known. 
What is closeness, 
but warmth & emotion?


A Texas Sky
An empty night
I want to fly
Let me go right?

Holding on to 
Empty memory
Staying in through
the night, stormy.

Wind, rain, hail, gales,
Late hours empties
Today's hatred
Your boots need tread.

Mud muck, mire, f*ck,
empty longing!
Haughty searching!
Dirty living.

When you're empty
That's all you see
For you can't see
Because you're empty.

Legislate Against Heartbreak

If I understood love
I'd sing & write for the Gov.
Telling them how to legislate
Against Heartbreak

For love has left many
And may mourn for plenty
Lost love is a terrible sickness
That many won't admit. 

A tree growing in a sea,
A roof for the sky, 
A limit on infinity,
A love I tried to make mine,

Nakedness is not the solution
To filling the emptiness
That is from all the pollution
Of a pretend hallow bliss.

Intimacy is more than you and me. 
Sex isn't measured by its effects.
Love is emptied of the power from above.
Heartache ensues as you drag my heart with a rake.

My Heart’s Nerve

Hips, curves, nerves,
She makes my heart disturbed.
The way she talks,
How she walks.

It all pierces me through,
My heart is held together with glue.
Be mine? Has lead you 
& many to sue.

Sharing a bed
Before we wed
Was death to the love
That held us from above.

For I used you 
And you used me too
And use just won't do...

For nakedness, isn't glue,
And sex won't save you. 
Love is more than a woman
And Love is more than I'll ever understand.

City Living

What's the point of Breakfast?
When you spend your life at a desk?
Why do I rely on Coffee?
Do I really need to be awake?

This is the problem of employers,
They don't seem to work
With baselines so low
Why do I even go to work?

Get up, go, get a coffee 
Start the day
Waste my time
Go to a bar, drink untill the dulness dies.

Resurrection as a headache
The dulness is reborn
As I awake to another day
In the life of the grind.

Where is the land I was raised on?
What is my purpose here?
I need to get back in touch,
With the land that grew my beer.

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