Broken Lame Pain

There is a truth that comes
It is that love runs
It never stays the same
Has she forgotten my name?

My brokenness has left me lame
Forgotten with no fame
I can’t stand in my shame
For me, this isn’t a game

Left alone, isolation, and pain
Your heart watered mine like rain
Now my actions leave me insane
For I seek you, and you’re my bane

Left broken and filled with remorse
There is a need to divorce
My lips won’t move, they are lame,
And my heart is broke as she calls my name.


Sometimes pain is better than stillness.

Or I’d take loneliness vs. a kiss,

Because in the darkness and night,

At least the coldness is a guide.

Bloody Hell

Bloody hell!
What is the mystery,
That left ya missing me?

Why the regret?
What’s the illusion?
Bloody hell!

Missing me,
You must be,
For you haven’t moved on.

Left too close,
Holding on,
I’m totally gone!

Who are you?
Stained with pain and time.
You don’t even seem to be the same girl.

The one who stole my heart,
and broke it in two.
You left me missing me, and missing you.

Bloody hell!

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