Power of Beauty

What is it that makes a heart beat?
I've lived my life with these feet.
Never stable never still
Life doesn't give me much thrill.

Yet, here I am here I'll stay
Because beauty has captured me in every way
Home, love, nature, nurture,
What will hold me here with her?

I was meant to wander, 
and wander I will.
Till the power of beauty
cuts through obsessive duty.


Your face



My day is brightened

My heart is beating

Seeing your smile

Makes me come undone.

Where does this sunshine lead?

How can I get there?

Your heart is like mine

And I’m lost for words

Because you make my heart beat

And your shine stains my mind.

Love & I don’t Mix…

Repentance mixed with
"This is how it is!"
My heart meet yours,
and we're back to where we were.

You can't stay still in this.
Your heart runs while mine grows.
A deer and a stone.
That's the difference.

We were perfect for eachother.
When you layed with me,
But to be near me,
causes you to not be free.

Allow me to say it is over,
Because this sky is fading,
And my life will last forever.
But when fall comes, there's a price on your head. 

Love is lost.
Love was never known. 
What is closeness, 
but warmth & emotion?

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