Infinitely Beautiful; Why me?

When you are here while I’ve been gone;
I come home to find something wrong.
Your faithfulness is unmet;
My heart is hard, and I’m in debt.

Now I’m guilty,
Now I’m wrong,
But these things leave me filthily,
Unencumbered you come to me, because your love is so strong.

I can’t stand in your presence,
I can’t take this anymore.
Your love is too great.
It makes my heart break!

You strip me to the bone.
Exposing my heart of stone.
You see my emptiness.
Yet you fill me with pure bliss.

You are patient beyond measure.
You’ll wait forever.
You desire me with a longing of infinity,
But I’m just a regular bum; why me?

Robbed Emotion

Pain mixed with a desire for gain.
What's with man's search for fame?
Money, sex, power?
What motivates this hour?

The reality that motivation has completely stopped,
that Life caught up with commotion.
No hope for emotion
It has run the race and come out last and been robbed. 

What is my inner drive?

Zeal makes me feel
Heart ache comes in heels,
The hangover is at the bottom of the bottle,
And I seek to not be able to pull back this throtel

Nothing satisfies,
Nothing burns inside.
Yet I'm burnt up,
With longing deep and wide. 

Nakedness is my solution
But nakedness is just hear polution.

Power of Beauty

What is it that makes a heart beat?
I've lived my life with these feet.
Never stable never still
Life doesn't give me much thrill.

Yet, here I am here I'll stay
Because beauty has captured me in every way
Home, love, nature, nurture,
What will hold me here with her?

I was meant to wander, 
and wander I will.
Till the power of beauty
cuts through obsessive duty.

Is Love Free

Is love free?
Why am I always trying to earn it?
Why do I get burned by it?
Why can’t I learn from this?

Manipulate, seduce, gain power over
This is the motto of the world.
My tank is empty and I’m trapped.
Caged in rage with no one to beat but the grave.

Will I ever be loved again?
Am I loveable?
Fat, ugly, burnt out, tired, lame, boring…
The interior labels go on and on.

Will this hell ever let me be free.
Time will tell if I can learn to be.
I wanted to be a bell and ring for you and me.
But now I fell into complacency.

​If love is free,
why can’t I receive it?
What is this block that prevents it?
Could it just be something inside of me?

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