Power of Beauty

What is it that makes a heart beat?
I've lived my life with these feet.
Never stable never still
Life doesn't give me much thrill.

Yet, here I am here I'll stay
Because beauty has captured me in every way
Home, love, nature, nurture,
What will hold me here with her?

I was meant to wander, 
and wander I will.
Till the power of beauty
cuts through obsessive duty.

Narrow Channel

Moved beyond that which I know

Called off to the deep unknown

Plowing deeper than ever before

Caught in the narrow channel of thought.

Seeing all that there is to see

Isolated in this reality

Trapped between time and death.

What will life give to me next?

The narrow way or the wide road,

Both lead to a home.

One you’ll want to stay

One makes you always wanting to go.

For ones a journey the other a destination

Ones a life, the other an abomination

One is fire, the other ice

Desire, higher, farther, but narrow

Narrow between the folds,

Something calls me home

As the embracing of life lead to the choice

Of a lasting eternal destiny.

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